Be Bold With Our Union Jack Printed Furnishings

As we barrel through with Brexit negotiations, there’s never been a better time to showcase your British credentials as a business! Products made in Britain have a real following among consumers keen to support home-grown businesses, and there’s no better way to demonstrate this at an event or exhibition, than with our funky Union flag inspired furniture and accessories.

Union Jack flag pattern furniture and cushions

Fun Fact: Did you know the Union Jack flag is actually made up of 3 different flags representing England, Scotland and Ireland, however, Wales is missing.

If you’re planning an event and want to get the “home-grown talent” or “made in Great Britain” message across loud and clear without having to say a word, our Union Jack flag adorned cushions and chairs should be just the ticket!

If you want to create a slightly more subtle look, you could choose a combination of navy blue, red and white chairs, using cushions as a way to bring the three colours together.

Union Jack flag pattern furniture and cushions

So go on, make a statement with our fun Union Jack flag hire furniture and accessories.