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We’ve Got All of Your Exhibition Essentials Covered

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Many years ago I took on my first big exhibition. It was a big consumer exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham called the Gadget Show Live. The stand was enormous, the brands I needed to juggle and include on the stand were numerous and whilst I was designing flyers, planning sales promotions, deciding on stock levels, agreeing to the stand design and planning staff travel and accommodation, in the mad rush of things to do, I very nearly forgot to order product display cases!


Luckily it wasn’t so late that I couldn’t source suitable product display cases, but my experience does highlight how easy it can be to overlook something that’s simple and yet so vital. In fact, some of the more obvious things like places for visitors to sit once they're on your stand, leaflet displays, reception areas and product display cases can often be the last thing on your mind.

Luckily here at Funky Furniture, as well as a fantastic range of furniture available to hire for both events and exhibitions, you can also hire a vast array of different styles of product showcases. Product display cabinets like our low glass jewel showcase are idea for showcasing your retail items and have built in lights to really show your products off.

You’ll also find options which include built-in storage, perfect for when you’re dealing with fast moving stock and don’t want to be rushing into the stock room constantly!

When it comes to getting stock to a trade show or exhibition in the first plase, don't forget that you'll need plastic moving crates, a great, sturdy option for moving stock to and from venues and with lidded crates, you can help keep the contents safe from the elements too. A big benefit of using crates to transport stock to and from events is that they are also stackable and companies like Crate Hire UK provide flexible rental options and easy online ordering and delivery.

Hire Exhibition Display Cases & More!

As well as product showcases, we’ve also got essentials like queuing barriers, mobile sign holders and leaflet and brochure stands, so if you’re planning to attend an exhibition, make sure you take a look at our exhibition hire essentials!