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The New Malibu Table Range - Funky, Futuristic or Retro?

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How can a piece of furniture look retro and ultra-futuristic at the same time? Meet the new Malibu range of console and coffee tables that we're delighted to add to our already extensive range of hire furniture.


There’s a bit of an Art Deco feel to these pieces, but with the asymmetric shapes within the frame, at the same time it adds a touch of 80’s retro chic.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking the Malibu range isn’t edgy and contemporary! The minimalist styling and metallic finish of this range, along with their clear glass tops means that they also manage to look futuristic at the same time.

It’s rare that we find a range that is both bang on-trend – check out our Rose Gold Malibu tables – and so incredibly flexible too.

These tables will blend seamlessly into many different styles, that to categorise them as fitting with just one design style would be to do them a great injustice. We think that despite their enigmatic appearance, the Malibu range will look great just about anywhere.

Take a look for yourself at our gorgeous new Malibu Table Range.