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5 Essential Ingredients Of A Great Event

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We've been involved in so many events over the years we've lost count! From swanky corporate events to glitzy product launches, right through to conferences and trade shows, we've seen it all over the years.

Our furniture hire service has helped countless clients including PR and events management companies, pull off some spectacular events (have a look at our gallery to see some), and over the years we've learned a thing or two about what makes a great event, so we thought we'd share them with you.

How to throw a great event

Pulling off an event often takes a lot of time and effort and there's no denying that planning a big event can be extremely stressful. As well as wanting an event to run smoothly, most organisers also want their events to be memorable too, so how can you turn an event into a really great event that's memorable for all of the right reasons?

The Essential Ingredients Of A Great Event

1. Planning is the crucial first building block

OK so this might be pretty obvious, but if the Fyre Festival taught us anythingn, it's that a great idea and lofty pretensions really aren't enough. If you've not seen the documentary on Netflix yet, we strongly recommend it as blueprint of how not to plan an event!

Planning then is key, and more importantly, realistic planning which means setting in place an achievable timescale and laying out all of the necessary steps in the decision making and booking process, as well as taking into account all the various logistics that will need to be juggled to facilitate the smooth running of the event.

2. Get the word out

From good old fashioned press coverage secured through the sending out of press releases through to online advertising (for example Google Ads and Facebook advertising), and utilising all the communication methods you have available (think your customer email list, social media and so on) it's important to ensure people know about the event.

If it's a PR event and it's press coverage you want, then that will shape your marketing strategy, likewise if it's a public event that you need to sell tickets for or a conference you need to get delegates booked onto, you'll want to ensure your marketing strategy gets you in front of the right audience.

Don't make your marketing an afterthought, raising awareness can be critical to success so make sure you have resources and sufficient time set aside for this purpose.

3. Think about and add value to the guest experience

When running any event there are going to be specific event objectives, and dealing with the practical side of things can often overtake creativity. Purposely thinking about the visitor experience will help your event to flow, and once you are in the mindset of a visitor, guest or delegate, you might find it easier to work out what little extras you could provide to make the event more comfortable for them.

We often find that it's little details that get forgotten. Where will visitors rest when they're at a trade show? Where will party guests be able to leave their coats? How will journalists at a PR event be able to stay connected and keep their devices fully charged?

Thinking about the guest experience will help you to pinpoint any potential issues in the design, layout and scheduling of your event and can also help you find ways of making life easier for those attending the event.

4. Create "wow" moments for your guests

"Wow" moments refer to something unexpected that can drive a person to respond in a positive way. In the age of social media, it is often hoped that a "wow" moment will generate positive PR through social media posts or word of mouth. Designing deliberate wow moments isn't difficult, and one of the easiest ways of doing this is by giving away freebies.

Conference and trade show attendees love a freebie and goodie bags at product launches are very common too, so give something away that's unexpected - creating delight in the recipient which might just go on to generate some PR for you!

If you don't want to go down the freebie route then having something or someone show-stopping at your event can also have a big impact. From a surprise celebrity guest or industry expert to a really cool bit of kit (think funky Instagram photo booths, virtual reality environments etc.) to an amazing set or props (enormous elaborate cakes always go down well as do cool and quirky, incongruous props like life-sized zebras), whatever it is, the more creative the better!

5. The vibe matters...and lighting plays a big part

Did you know that some people are naturally more sensitive to light than others? You might be the person who is oblivious to the harsh florescent lighting of the office or happily leaves on the 'big' light at home, or you could be someone who prefers more gentle, atmospheric lighting.

Dimmer lighting is generally associated with rest and relaxation, in fact dimmer lights have even been found to help people make more rational, better decisions! So even if you aren't sensitive to light, a lot of people are, and scientific proof backs up the fact that lighting can have a big impact on mood.

If you want your guests, visitors or delegates to feel super alert, on edge and for some, mildly stressed, then harsh bright lighting is the way to go, but for many events, adopting gentler mood lighting could make more sense.

Coloured lighting in particular is a really great way to create a mood and using colour in this way can have a really strong visual impact too. If this topic is of interest to you, check out 6 Ways Light Can Affect Your Emotions.