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The Rise Of Funky...Furniture Growth and The Future

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So what’s new at Funky?

As you know our furniture has always been very unique and colourful, but this year we decided to invest over half a million pounds in vintage style seating.

Funky Furniture latest news

The demand for our new stock has exceeded all expectations and we have been inundated with orders for the coming months. This really has put us at the forefront of the exhibition and events industry and the company’s growth compared to last year is phenomenal.

What does the future hold for Funky?

Well, we are currently looking to employ new members of staff and have already acquired a 40,000 sq ft warehouse to facilitate the continuous growth outside of London.

Our plan going forward is to explore expansion opportunities and ensure that Funky maintains its reputation as an industry leader. To book, contact [email protected] or call 0203 328 5446