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4 Hot Interior Trends For 2020 You Can Utilise For Events

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Hot from the big European design shows, a number of different trends have emerged and are likely to be picked up by the high street and consumers in the coming year. We thought we'd highlight some of the more playful of these trends, in-fitting with our focus and love of all things fun and funky!

Vertical living walls

Vertical Living Walls

Green, living walls continue to be a big trend that we're likely to see even more of in the coming months. Living walls not only look beautiful, but they are great for wellbeing too.

From grass to succulents to flowers, from fake foliage to the real thing, living walls are a great way to add a playful and energising element to your event whilst bringing the fresh feel of the outdoors inside.



Neon is already big and the trend is set to continue into 2020. Custom made neon signs are the ideal way to introduce an on-trend look to your event, and they are also a super practical way of providing eye-catching clear signage for event visitors.


Bold Prints

Bold really is better and we're delighted to see that the trend for bold, bright and funky prints is set to continue into 2020. If you're not too sure about using bold prints, then introducing them through your choice of soft furnishings is a great way to dabble with the look.

Likewise, the use of bold prints is a great way to bring your look up to date and to give it a bit of attitude! We've got a fantastic range of bold patterned cushions available to rent, see our range here.


Grey, Pink & Green Colours

Colours that are set to be big for 2020 and beyond include grey, pink and green. Whilst these aren't necessarily colours you'd want to use together, choosing one or two of them to introduce into your scheme or use as accent colours will ensure your event look is on-trend.

Speaking of colour, did you know you can browse our website by your choice of colour?

So there you have it, 4 hot interior trends for 2020 that you can utilise when you're planning your event schemes. You can check out more trends here.