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Go Crazy With Colour! Tips On Using Boldly Coloured Furniture

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Playing it safe generally means going with a subtle base colour palette and perhaps choosing one or two accent colours. That's all well and good, but if you're running an event that demands attitude and you want it to stand out and create an energetic, buzzing atmosphere, using colour in your scheme can be a great way to achieve that.


Using bold colour is a great way to give your event extra personality, and clever use of colour can also bring tremendous energy to a space.

5 Tips for using bold colour

  • Don't be afraid to mix and match your colours, even clashing colours like red, orange and pink can look good
  • You don't have to go mix and match colours however, sticking to one bright colour and varying the hues and textures can result in a harmonious, yet high impact look
  • If you want to achieve a calm feel, then pay careful attention tot he colours you are using, with yellow, blue and green generally being the most calming colours you could opt for
  • If you are using bold colour and want to create an on-trend and funky look, try mixing up the furniture, use different colours and styles of chairs, tables etc for a truly bold and eclectic look
  • Bold colours can be used sparingly alongside a more muted base colour palette, pairing bright red chairs for example with a white theme can still result in a bold and vibrant look

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