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Fresh Styling Ideas For Your Spring Events

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It's that time of year again! The bulbs are just starting to poke through the ground and Spring is definitely in the air. Events held at this time of year need to energise attendees, and a great way to achieve an energising effect is with your colour palette.


With a dark and drab days of winter behind us, why not lighten the mood and style your event or conference with a splash of Spring-like colour?

Using bright and fresh colours like green and yellow work particularly well at this time of year, and accessorising with yellow, as in the gallery photo above, can result in a vibrant and refreshing look, without being too over powering.

Design Ideas for Spring events

  • Introducing light is a great idea, so choosing bright white and shiny reflective surfaces can be a good move
  • Choose bright and vibrant colours that will lift peoples spirits, bright yellow and fresh green works well
  • At this time of year people are primed for Spring, use of flowers and plants can go down well, see our range of plants here
  • Why not add a seasonal twist to your Spring event and theme it around Valentines day
  • Accessories with yellow, pink or green cushions and anything that evokes the feeling of freshly blooming Spring bulbs

If you are on the look out for bright and funky furniture and accessories to style your Spring event, when not take a look at our comprehensive range of funky hire furniture.