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Tips For Creating A Chill Out Area At Your Next Event

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Chill out areas are often associated with clubs, but really they can be a great addition for a varied range of different events. From conferences to PR events, a chill out area provides exactly that, a relaxed area where people can take a moment to slow down and unwind. What makes a great chill out area?


1. Mood lighting

Lighting is key, and ensuring your chill out area has low mood lighting will ensure the space feels calm and relaxing.

2. Keep it quiet

Pay attention to sound, and where you locate your chill out area. Place near a busy public area or a noisy kitchen for example, and no matter how good it looks, you’ll fail to instill that all important sense of calm. Locate it somewhere quiet and use ambient music to enhance the relaxed mood.

3. Comfy seating

Relaxed seating in a chill out area is also a must. Rigid chairs or stools won’t cut it, so you’ll want some funky and relaxed seating to enhance the laid back feel of the area.

Our giant beanbags are a great choice for chill out areas, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors too, making them incredibly flexible There’s nothing quite like flopping onto a giant beanbag - when it comes to relaxed seating a beanbag is hard to beat!

Our fantastic range of giant beanbags come in a vast array of funky colours that will co-ordinate effortlessly with the rest of your scheme, we’ve even got a rainbow array of matching beanbag coffee tables, making a beanbag chill out area both comfy and practical.