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6 Quick Marketing Tips For Pop-up Shops

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As the pop-up shop phenomenon continues to make a big impact on the retail world, these short term ‘flash retailing’ spaces are providing even bigger creative opportunities for your brand, and with our funky range of hire furniture, we’re on hand to help you create the perfect pop-up shop.

Marketing Tips For Pop-up Shops

Whether you are looking to simply sell, generate awareness, launch a product or host a promotional event, pop-up shops are a great way to create a PR buzz, reach new audiences and generate more sales.

One of the biggest benefits to the pop-up shop is the opportunity to be creative and think outside of the traditional shop. The ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ feel behind flash retailing means the marketing your pop up is like promoting an event. We’ve pulled together some quick tips to help you get started. 1. Engage Key Influencers

Get your social media platforms and website ready and invest time in influencer marketing. Create an event of your grand opening and send invites to people you know. L

etting your existing customers know where and when you will be ‘popping up’ and connecting with key influencers online Is a cost-effective way of spreading the word quickly!

2. Support Your Popup with Some Traditional Advertising

Connect with local media sources. Submit a press release and consider placing an advertorial (half advert, half editorial feature) to tell the story behind your pop-up shop, what you are going to be doing and why people should visit you.

3. Stand Out Visually

Pop-up shops have a unique and quirky feel about them so why not adopt a similar approach to your marketing? Traditional balloons, banners and flyers are great but if you what to make an impact and really grab some attention consider using your shop as a billboard… make it pop with funky LED illuminated furniture, exciting lighting, displays and costumes.

4. Engage People with A Competition or Promotion

An easy way to engage with potential customers is to host a competition or promotion. Build the momentum through your social media platforms and invite winners to visit your pop-up store to collect their prizes. People will always love a freebie and it creates a great opportunity to have a chat. You don’t need to spend a fortune but some free miniature product samples, branded promotional goodies or even a simple bowl of individually wrapped sweets will help to entice people over to see what you’re about.

5. Live Stream the Shop Setup

Try live streaming the setup of your pop-up shop to create an interest - be a little bit mysterious and provide snippets of interesting features or promotional ideas. Facebook Live and Periscope are ideal and relevant platforms for this sort of promotion. You could even film the big opening to engage with customers online in real-time and show them what they are missing!

6. Style Your Popup Shop to Impress

Think about the style or theme of your pop up shop. It’s an opportunity to communicate your brand image in an attention-grabbing way so why not have fun! Make a statement with an LED light up bar, build a relaxing environment with luxurious velvet furniture or create an atmosphere with our LED lit Cherry tree and stunning candelabra table lamps.