Eclectic looking event setting
The Mix and Match Trend – How to Create an Eclectic Look at Your Event

When planning the interior and set dress for an event, most commonly the aim is to create a cohesive look that uses a colour palette based on a limited number of colours. Typically there will be one statement or accent colour along with a couple of more neutral colours to form the backdrop of the … Continue reading

Creating an event chill out area
Tips For Creating A Chill Out Area At Your Next Event

Chill out areas are often associated with clubs, but really they can be a great addition for a varied range of different events. From conferences to PR events, a chill out area provides exactly that, a relaxed area where people can take a moment to slow down and unwind. What makes a great chill out … Continue reading

Hire plants
Bring A Feel Of The Outside In With Our Artificial Plants

When it comes to pulling off a successful event, the best event planners know that it’s all in the detail, yet it’s the little details that can often be overlooked. When you think about hiring in furniture for your event, set dressing is just as important, and pulling the look together with little finishing touches … Continue reading

Bright colourful furniture
Go Crazy With Colour! Tips On Using Boldly Coloured Furniture

Playing it safe generally means going with a subtle base colour palette and perhaps choosing one or two accent colours. That’s all well and good, but if you’re running an event that demands attitude and you want it to stand out and create an energetic, buzzing atmosphere, using colour in your scheme can be a … Continue reading